Because: Love + Working Equitation = LOWE ❤️

We are a group of people who are united by the discipline of Working Equitation. Specifically, we are members of the Czech Society for Working Equitation and we were looking for a place where we could train and invite foreign coaches. A place where we could meet and where Working Equitation would be at HOME.


The Czech Society for Working Equation (CSWE) has been cooperating with foreign coaches for a long time, so that members can be educated and move up as equestrianists. And thus they raised the level of WE in the Czech Republic. The head coach, mentor and supporter of CSWE is Pedro Torres. Multiple world and European champion in WE, legend and the most famous personality in the world WE. Pedro himself, or members of his Pedro Torres Academy , regularly go to the Czech Republic to train CSWE riders.

Thanks to LOWE, we have facilities that will be ready for seminars in any weather, at any time and in a pleasant family atmosphere.

Working found a home in the Czech Republic – LOWE. A place that WE will live in and is there so that those interested in this discipline can regularly participate in seminars, trainings, trainings and other activities that CSWE is preparing in LOWE….

What have we prepared for you? Take a look at the calendar of events. And if you don’t want something interesting to escape you, then visit our website and follow LOWE on FB.